Guild Donations in World of Warcraft

In a time of uncertain public funding, private generosity is more important than ever. Your support enables the National Lawyers Guild to continue its work since 1937, providing legal support in labor struggles, international rights monitoring and rebuffing attacks on immigrants, women, people of color, LGBTQ persons, prisoners and others facing government or institutional oppression.

When you donate to the Guild buy Cata Gold, you can contribute to a range of different activities that help support people who are blind or visually impaired in their daily lives. This includes a wide range of programmes and services, from vision rehabilitation, to providing access to tools and technologies to support independence, personal growth and achievement of their potential.

For every item donated to the Hub, 1% of the Ally Points spent is converted into Raid tickets and added not only to the guild total but also to the daily donation limit of the purchasing player (keeping it in line with the 600 maximum ticket earnings per day). This means that the purchase of any gear from the Guild Donation Hub will not only benefit your own personal account but will also help your Guild to grow!

The donations we receive from Guild members and other donors support the mission of the AGO and our goal to uphold the rich musical tradition we cherish. In addition, they allow us to sustain a variety of innovative programs that reach beyond the scope and capacity of what our dues alone can fund.

Donating to the Guild has never been easier. You can make a one-time donation or set up recurring donations that are automatically deducted from your account at intervals of your choice. Just select the amount you wish to give and click the Donate button.

Guild Donations

Guild Donations are the primary source of funding for a Guild, giving players a way to provide their guilds with additional resources that can help them grow and expand their empire. This can be used for a variety of purposes such as upgrading gear, unlocking the guild’s defense in GVG or even helping the Guild get to the top of the leaderboards in the Guild Expeditions.

It should be noted that a guild cannot take the goods donated to it back, they are considered to have been given away and can only be used by other members in the same guild. Therefore, it is important that the Guild Treasurer only donates what the guild truly needs for development.

By becoming a recurring donor, you can ensure that your donation continues to support the National Lawyers Guild year after year. You can choose to make your recurring gift monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annually, and you can change your donation level at any time.