Nang Delivery Services – A Tussle of a Comparison

Nang Delivery is a famous street hawker food, hawker centres all over the city centre often have it on offer, but it is still expensive. A hundred of the cheapest things will put you back up around $150. No proof of age, no driving credentials needed. It just sounds crazy that these companies still manage to run as smoothly as possible.

So decided to ask one of these and delivery guys how it’s all done, and whether or not they would be prepared to allow a tour of their premises to come along in their car. You can’t blame them for declining. The place is full of old, dirty, cramped apartments with no electricity or fresh water. Most of the baked goods are a year old and the people are very difficult to deal with.

The only thing that the chef from Nang Dui did well was decorating the flat and kitchen. They painted everything bright and cheerful, they even had the logo of the local soccer team printed on some of their bags. I’ve seen people with much poorer tastes at this place, ordering nangs and whipped cream that look more like pudding than it should really be. My advice? Leave Nang Dui at home. Better yet, don’t do anything yourself and enjoy a guided trip through a new, foreign country.

There are other cooking establishments around the area, most offering either local or international baked treats or a selection of exotic delicacies, but I can guarantee that Nang Dui delivers the best and most authentic baked goods. It wasn’t until I tried some of the more “exotic” baked goods that I realised just how many similarities there were to those served at home. For instance, the toppings are almost identical. They’re mostly the same as you would get over at home, with a few unique twists.

When I ordered some s’mores and crepes, I wanted to try some baked shores with a little something extra. As it turns out, the majority of the restaurant’s baked goods are quite similar to those we find at home. This included the most incredible sweet and dumplings I’d ever seen, complete with the spicy chicken sauce and the aromatic tofu with rice stuffing. It’s the combination of the s’more and the spicy tofu with the rice stuffing that really brings the flavor together, with the spicy chicken coming in at the end to finish off the dish.

My final, and probably most important comparison is with Nang Dui’s competitor, Nitrous Oxide Chargers (NOC). While both restaurants boast incredible quality, they do come from very different countries. While the decorations are very similar, with lots of reds and yellows, Nitrous Oxide Chargers really takes the lead in terms of creativity when it comes to their branding, including the crazy designs on their nangs and chargers. However, the prices of their food are not nearly as affordable as Nang Dui, which makes for a tough decision for any burger fan who’s trying to save money. In the end, I would have to say that Nang Dui beats Nang Oe as the superior value in mobile catering.