Personalized Dashboard for NetSuite

The Personalized Dashboard for NetSuite feature enables users to personalize their view of NetSuite reports by using various customization options. The user can select a single portlet to display in the main content tab or include multiple portlets on custom NetSuite tabs. Once published, the customized dashboard is ready to view. However, administrators must have the appropriate permissions to publish the dashboards. Detailed instructions are provided below.

In addition to customizing the look of the dashboard, users can also add portlets. To add a portlet, click the “+” button in the header bar. Once added, the portlet can be arranged according to their preferences. The top input field is global search, which can be used to search for any item in the business. To the left of the center is a recent records menu. The Settings portlet is a quick way to change passwords, view your account balance, and view your recent records.

To customize the layout of a dashboard, users can use the settings menu. In the Personalize Dashboard palette, click on the Personalized Dashboard link. This will open a palette with the portlet icons that match their assigned permissions and roles. Once there, the user can choose which tabs to show in the Personalized Data Pane. After adding a portlet, they can click on the Default tab to switch to their customized dashboard.

The Personalized Dashboard allows users to personalize their dashboards by reducing the number of portlet icons displayed. This means that the same information will be available for users in different roles. When personalizing a dashboard, users can also choose which tabs will be visible to them. Moreover, users can lock the center tabs. This will ensure that only employees with the appropriate permissions can see these tabs. They can also lock the new bar.

Once an employee has created a Personalized Dashboard, he can select and customize any of the portlet settings they wish to include. A portlet is a summary of data that has been captured by a business function. The corresponding KPIs are displayed in the Personalized Dashboard component. Using the Personalized Dashboard for NetSuite is easy for both employees and managers. There are many options to create a Personalized Dashboard for NetSuite.

In addition to changing the layout of a dashboard, users can also choose a specific layout. The default layout is a large column and two small columns. There is no need to remove them if you want a more customizable dashboard. To personalize a dashboard, click on the ‘personalize’ button in the upper right corner. After that, a list of portlets will be shown, including the standard NetSuite ones.