Sleeping Duck Vs Emma by Roald Dahl

One of the more popular children’s books is Sleeping Duck Vs. Emma by Roald Dahl. This story about two little boys who dream of being swimmers is sure to be a favorite for many young readers. Both boys grow up in the United States but they are separated when the summer arrives. While one boy is still young enough to be a swimmer, the other can’t hold his head up high enough and drown. The book is a very touching tale of two young boys who can’t stand to be apart and they want to get back together.

The story starts in the early nineteen twenties in New Zealand where the main character, Henry Clausen, is going to school. Henry wants to be a doctor so he can help people and he goes to the local swimming school to learn to swim. One day he meets his new friend, the handsome blond Emma Clausen who also wants to become a doctor. However, Henry’s father refuses to let him attend because he has already been accepted by the University of Auckland. However, Henry’s mother gives him a note that reads “Henry must attend university.”

Henry has no choice and so he leaves his mother to go and attend school with his friend and their little beds. They stay in touch over the years and then Henry’s father sends him a letter that reads, “Dear Henry, My dear son, We are sorry that you have had to leave the University, but we had to move out because our house was damaged in a flood.” He says the college that he attended was not a good fit for him and it was only after consulting a real estate agent that they found a new home for Henry and his sleeping duck.

Henry’s father says that they can make a deal because Henry will help him rent the home back if his father can sell the house to him. So Henry takes his duck to the property and Henry and his sleeping duck become very good friends. The next thing that happens is that the property needs repairs. The owner’s wife finds out about this and she does what she can to repair the problems. Meanwhile the owner’s son, John, falls in love with Henry’s duck but her mother thinks that Henry is not right for her son.

Eventually Henry and his sleeping duck have to face their own problem when their mother dies. Then a strange man appears and gives them instructions. He tells them that he is the last living soul on earth and that he needs to make a deal with them.

But Henry and his sleeping duck are caught in a race against time and when the end of the world comes, Henry must decide whether or not to go with the last remaining one to heaven or stay on earth. They have to find a way for Henry’s sleeping duck to reach heaven before the end of the world and do not forget to tell Henry’s mother the whole story so that she is not disappointed.